The best opportunity to buy top properties is within the first 30 days on the market. Certainly some properties stay on the market for months but they are the ones which are either overpriced, badly presented or both. 'SET SALE®'  aims to end that by properly marketing the property and allowing all potential buyers every opportunity to negotiate.

Unlike an auction where there is no expected price guide is provided as a general guide between where you should negotiate.  Rather than having to negotiate the vendor's price down, as in conventional sales, allow a 'win/win' negotiation between purchaser and seller.

When a property is marketed with the traditional fixed price, sellers always ask about 10% above the market price for a number of reasons. With some it is because they have a fear of underselling. With others, they may have an over-inflated view of what their home is worth. At the very least, all sellers will want a buffer to allow for any negotiation.

On the other hand, the pool of buyers looking for a property in a suburb and a range react entirely differently. They form a triangle with very few above the market price. Most will look 10% lower than what they will finally pay because when they find their dream home, even if it is above what they intended to spend originally, they will buy it.

The fixed price system services neither the sellers nor the buyers. Sellers’ homes stay on the market for a long time and sell for much less than they anticipated. On the other hand, buyers miss out on seeing those properties therefore miss out on the opportunity to buy their dream home.

Instead of setting a fixed price which eliminates at least two thirds of the buyers, a range is set to attract buyers looking within that range. 

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